Our Public Sector practice offers its services to Local, State, and Federal Governments, with a primary focus on leadership positions in City and County Departments. We are proud to work on those positions which play such vital roles in our clients’ mission of providing public service for the communities they serve. For such roles, we know having the right person for the role is all the more important. And that makes partnering with the right Executive Search Firm of significant importance as well.

Recruitment in the Public Sector requires a precise, detail-oriented, patient and dynamic approach. This is an approach that our Public Sector practice excels at and has used to the benefit of all of its Public Sector clients over the years.

The practice is led by Efton Hall, Jr., who has prior experience as CEO at two of Northern California’s public hospitals. Efton spent 20 years in the healthcare industry holding executive level positions and spent over 20 years putting his healthcare executive knowledge to use in healthcare recruiting, placing countless healthcare executives over the years. A fixture in the community of healthcare executives, he has been a trusted advisor to fellow healthcare leaders, his clients, and his candidates.

Due to the demand of our public sector clients over the years, Efton has expanded his practice to the public sector. Since then, he has experienced the same success recruiting in the public sector as he has done recruiting in the healthcare industry. Efton is now a fixture in the public sector recruiting arena as well, having rightfully earned the trust of his candidates and clients.

Whenever Efton and his team set out on a search, they are confident that they will be able to bring a stellar candidate onto their client’s team. This confidence is backed by a decades long history of the firm’s near perfect success rate in retained search work.

As public entities try to adapt to provide public service through public health crises, natural disasters, economic downturns, and hosts of other predicaments, innovative thinking and new solutions are often called for. Berkeley Search Consultants adapts along with our public clients to provide excellent service and complete their teams with excellent people, so they have the people power to address the needs of their departments and the residents they serve.

We have seen the candidates we have placed in their positions with government entities go on to accomplish excellent results in their new roles. We’re happy to have assisted in matching those candidates with their next great career move and matching our clients with candidates who have contributed to their teams and to their ability to provide public service.

The role Berkeley Search Consultants plays in our public sector client’s talent acquisition needs has been a source of pride and enjoyment for our team. If your City, County, State, Department, etc. is seeking a quality partner for their executive search needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help.

Efton Hall, Jr., MPH – Senior Vice President, Healthcare & Public Sector Practices


Description of Public Entity Position Title Location
City/County Director of Public Health San Francisco, CA
County Executive Director of Public Health Houston, TX
County Director, Health & Human Services Marin, CA
State Behavioral Health Commissioner Denver, CO
City/County Director, Behavioral Health Services San Francisco, CA
County Deputy Director, Public Health Charlotte, NC
County Medical Director (Public Health) Charlotte, NC
County Deputy Director, Health Equity Riverside, CA
County Assistant Director, Human Services Santa Cruz, CA
City/County Deputy Director of Programs (Homelessness &
Supportive Housing)
San Francisco, CA
City/County Chief Equity Officer (Homelessness &
Supportive Housing)
San Francisco, CA
City/County Chief Information Officer (Police Department) San Francisco, CA
City/County Chief Operating Officer (Health Benefits) San Francisco, CA
County Director, Emergency Services & Trauma Oakland, CA