Project Manager & Recruiter

Adrien brings a fresh and proactive approach to our Operations team as a Project Manager with Recruitment Experience. With a background in International Management, complemented by a postgraduate degree in Project Management from UC Riverside.

Starting his career with an impactful internship in Cannes, he quickly demonstrated his capability in the recruitment sector, leading him to join our team at BSC. Adrien specializes in fostering connections between talent and opportunity, contributing to our mission of excellence in service and innovation in practice.

Based in France but operating on a global scale, Adrien embodies our commitment to diversity and cross-cultural collaboration. He is an advocate for continuous learning and development, not only within the realm of professional growth but also through his personal interests in sports and cultural exploration.

In the realm of project management, Adrien leverages his skills to ensure projects are delivered efficiently, aligning with our strategic objectives, and enhancing our operational effectiveness.

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