Preparing for the Holiday Season in 2023

Preparing for the Holiday Season in 2023: Trends & Tips for CPG Companies

With the holiday season upon us, it is never too early for CPG companies to start planning for the coming year. Competition is fierce during these months and every interaction counts. The post-pandemic world has brought with it new trends that your company needs to consider when preparing for 2023.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends we learned about this year and how they can help you plan ahead.

Serialized QR Codes on Packaging

In today’s world, QR codes are everywhere—from product packaging to advertisements, so having them on your products makes sense.

Serialized QR codes allow consumers to scan and enter a brand’s virtual world through their smartphones or other connected devices. This opens up opportunities for brands to engage with customers in unique and innovative ways, from providing product information to creating an interactive shopping experience.  We are seeing more and more CPG companies utilizing this trend as part of their holiday promotions.

Creating E-Commerce Storefronts

Another trend among CPG companies is the rise of e-commerce storefronts offering signature brands.

Many companies are setting up shop online to reach a wider audience and offer exclusive deals throughout the holiday season. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and Target have seen success from creating e-commerce storefronts that offer exclusive deals throughout the holiday season. This allows CPG companies to reach customers all over the world while also increasing their sales during peak shopping seasons like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Data-Driven Supply Chain Resiliency Strategies

Finally, another trend among CPG companies is utilizing data analysis to examine how best to build supply chain resiliency strategies as we move forward into 2023 and beyond.

From tracking customer purchasing habits in order to better anticipate demand surges during holidays seasons, to optimizing inventory management systems in order to ensure timely delivery of goods – data analysis can be invaluable when attempting to create sound supply chain strategies that will hold up even in times of disruption or unexpected events like pandemics or natural disasters.


As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season in 2023, it is important for CPG companies not only consider what strategies they should use but also understand current trends such as serialized QR codes on packaging, creating e-commerce storefronts offering signature brands, and utilizing data analysis for improved supply chain resiliency strategies which can help them make informed decisions about how best approach these crucial months ahead of time as well as help them stay competitive during this busy period of time.

For CPG leaders, proper planning and execution are key components when preparing for the holidays – each interaction matters! By understanding current trends now, you can develop effective marketing plans that will set your company up for success come 2023.

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