How to Sustain Growth During a Hiring Freeze at Your Tech Company

How to Sustain Growth During a Hiring Freeze at Your Tech Company

The tech industry is one of the few sectors that has seen an increase in hiring during the current crisis. However, many companies have put their hiring on hold due to financial constraints.

While this may seem like a dead end, there are still ways to keep your company’s growth trajectory moving forward.

It’s important to take this time to examine your strengths and weaknesses and come up with creative solutions for continuing growth without hiring additional employees. Let’s explore some of these options now.

Redistribute Current Resources

First, examine what resources you currently have available in-house and decide if they could be redistributed to address potential areas of need or improve inefficiencies. Talk with department heads about how their workloads could be lightened or tasks delegated so that they can focus on higher-level priorities that can help propel your company forward.

You may also want to consider outsourcing certain projects or tasks so you can focus more on core functions that will drive growth.

Consider Contract Employees

Hiring contract employees is another great way to get the manpower you need without committing long-term resources.

This option allows you to have an extra set of hands when needed without having a permanent employee on the payroll — something especially valuable during uncertain times such as these!

Additionally, contract employees often come equipped with specialized skillsets and advanced training, which can be extremely helpful in addressing new challenges posed by the changing economic landscape.

Get Creative With Hiring and Onboarding

If you decide it’s necessary to hire new staff, think outside the box regarding onboarding and recruitment processes.

Many companies are finding success with virtual onboarding and remote interviews rather than traditional face-to-face meetings. Technology such as video conferencing can help bridge gaps between teams located across different locations while still providing quality training materials for new hires and providing a platform for feedback from all parties involved in the process — both managers and employees alike!

Examine Strengths and Inefficiencies  

Finally, use this opportunity to take a step back and evaluate where your organization stands right now — what are its strengths? Its weaknesses? Are there any areas where improvement is needed? Are there any processes that can be streamlined for greater efficiency?

Use this time to plan for future growth and look at any opportunities for improvement within your own organization before expanding too quickly into unknown territory!


When it comes down to it, even though times may seem tough right now, there is still plenty of room for success. Companies can grow despite current external constraints by getting creative with hiring practices and resource distribution strategies.

Take advantage of this time by reevaluating existing processes, redistributing resources wisely, considering contract workers if necessary, and always being open-minded when it comes to innovative solutions! Tech companies should remember that although their plans may have changed drastically due to external forces, they still have options when it comes to sustaining growth during turbulent times.

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